Incense sticks. BablingX2

 I have a friend who talks to animals, especially birds, especially seagulls.
Seagulls laugh with him, visit him and even small insects listen and reacts when he communicate with em.

Many things remind of him but if I pick 3 things...
First beer, second weed, third incenses.

Tell you more?
Beard, God, mental problem, Hamilton hotel, laughter, music and innocent mind.
He isn't a fool, he knows everything and let them play around, Because in the end they go crazy not him.

When I think about him, I see the seed under cement.
He could be much more happier, healthier, famous and loved if he did not placed under there.
He knows that too. but he does not regret or look back and cry over em.

He is a beautiful human and I don't know many people like him.
He is a special person.

Thank you D, you got me a lot of lesson and I guarantee that I ain't gonna forget about you forever.


  • 알토란귤 2012/01/13 16:42 # 답글

    ... .. ....He must be having a big meaning to you. um.. I am sorry to hear that. anyway I am not that kind of person who has a innocent .. ㅠㅠ
  • JessicaPrettyHan 2012/01/13 17:06 #

    It's okay :) we all born innocent then get dirt by life we live, right. it's fine..... hehe and yea he is special. but far far away from me.haha
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