Sudden Vacation D-vacation

As I just talked about it, I was suffering with this depression problem.

So, I took a quick "vacation" 

I could being away from everything, everyone.

I appreciate to M who took me here and spent crazy money for me &
bared my grumpiness, ups and downs, etc.

Thank you so much. xx

▲ Nice meal @ TGIF

▲ It snowed next morning.haha

▲ Had a cup of tea then went to the VIPS & Outlet

▲ Had a Thai style massage for an hour and half, mm so good

▲ Then ended up with lunch @ TGIF :) 

So, it was an amazing (short) vacation.
Refreshed me a lot as I can tell.haha

Thank you so much, M.

If you didn't brought me there I still would being sick.

Again, Thank you so much!


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